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Want to make
an impact and grow your business?

Do you need a space to create and connect?

Do you need a space to create and connect?

Three Sixty is your business community hub located in the heart of Barking. More than just a coworking space, you don’t need to leave town to grow your business. 

Come join us, connect with social sector businesses, freelancers, creators and influencers right here in the borough. Are you ready to thrive in an environment that truly supports your business and makes Barking even better? 

Supporting social sector businesses is in our DNA. Our focus is to bring you a space that saves you costs on running your business, and to give you sustainable support for the business challenges you face. 

Community means everything to us and we welcome you to come and make connections with a difference.

Located in the heart of the borough, Three Sixty Workrooms is your space to innovate and collaborate right here in town!

A place to make magic

Want to increase your referral network and connect with a diverse group of businesses right here in Barking?


Now you can walk to a local, inclusive space specially designed to help grow your brand. Expand your client base, become part of the Barking business community and get industry support for those challenging areas.

Three Sixty Workrooms offers various types of desk space:


  • window facing,
  • internal spaces,
  • training and meeting rooms, 
  • breakout areas, 
  • meeting spaces, 
  • comfy chairs for snoozing and, 
  • a kitchen. 


Feel right at home with a shower, free hot drinks and filtered water.

Three Sixty was created by and for the local business community of Barking. Our goal is to nurture business growth, create connections that matter and expand your business footprint in the borough.


More than just a shared office space, we’re passionate about serving social sector businesses, food and supply sector, freelancers, influencers and creators. Our members receive ongoing support and benefit from collaborative opportunities to build their brands sustainably.


Together we are pioneering the shared creator economy.

Are you conscious
about making a sustainable impact?

The Three Sixty shared business hub model is the ideal choice for startups, social sector businesses, researchers, food enterprises, supply chain networks and creative industries to thrive. Do you want to be part of an active community that is contributing to the upliftment and sustainability of the Barking area?


Sustainable change is found in the hearts of the community. Save on trains. Save on costs. Connect with social sector businesses, freelancers, creators and influencers  in the borough. Grow in an environment that truly supports your business and makes Barking even better!


There are so many reasons to take your business to Three Sixty

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