Three Sixty Workrooms Welcomes ZANS Group to our community


May 4, 2023

Three Sixty Workrooms Welcomes ZANS Group to our community

Three Sixty Workrooms is delighted to welcome one of our newest members to our coworking family. The best way we can grow and support one another is through getting to know and understand the businesses that operate from within our doors. 

We couldn’t be happier to have welcomed the ZANS Group, an Immigration, IT, Business and Recruitment Consultancy that services clients in the UK and abroad. We sat down with the team to discover more about the business and their decision to become members of Three Sixty Workrooms.

Please tell us a bit about ZANZ Group

At ZANZ group we operate as an IT consultancy, business consultancy, and we also have a recruitment business locally in the UK, and then overseas as well. In addition to this, we also facilitate the application of the Student Visa.

When was the company founded and why was it created?

We’ve been in the market for over three years now, opening our business during the pandemic, we have spent the last few years focused on growing our business, and luckily we have. We are based in London, but we also have our back in Pakistan, with a few others in the UAE as well. But we predominantly work out of London and in Pakistan. 

What was like starting a company during the pandemic?

It felt unfortunate at first, but now I’d say it was fortunate because we did not think it would boom at that time, but have grown and we are fortunate for that. A lot of tech companies grew but we are actually finding the economic climate today more challenging than we did throughout the pandemic.

Who founded the ZANS group?

Mr Adeel Khan founded the company, he’s the CEO and is very involved in the running of the organisation as the senior consultant too.

Why did you decide to make use of Three Sixty Workrooms?

We made the move to coworking because it’s easier to operate our business outside of our homes, and it’s easier to concentrate as well. It’s also better to meet more people rather than you know, just working from home. So we are following a hybrid work model now.

How did you find out about Three Sixty Workrooms?

It’s very near to where we live, and so we heard from relatives and friends who had a good experience. So we decided to go along and visit the space and found it to be very conveniently located to our homes and some of our key clients. So it’s all of these factors that made us choose the location.

Is this your first experience being part of a coworking community?

No, we did have a space at another office rental company in Barking but we found Three Sixty to be more secure and convenient location wise.

Are you planning on staying in the coworking environment or do you have plans to secure your own office space one day?

We are planning to grow and will see if our needs change over time, but for this year we are making ourselves at home working from Three Sixty Workrooms.

Will you ever go back to a traditional working office environment or will you remain hybrid?

We have embraced the hybrid model because it makes sense for our business, we can work from anywhere and coworking spaces like Three Sixty Workrooms help us to remain flexible with our work model.

More about ZANS Group

ZANS Group provides individuals either present in the UK or outside the UK with consultancy pertinent to business-related issues and immigration issues, such as, matters related to obtaining or extending UK visa, settling in UK, setting up a business in the UK, hiring experts from overseas etc.

The team has a stream-lined process for every application that comes their way, thus, making sure you’re included in each stage of the process and that you know exactly what is going on. Additionally, they assign a qualified immigration and business consultant to your case who will supervise and guide you throughout the process.

Here’s how they do the work:

  • First stage involves a detailed analysis of your case, so that we can make a proper assessment of your particular situation
  • Then, we explain all the procedures and requirements related to your case in detail, making sure you know about all the documents required to satisfy the visa requirements
  • We complete all the paperwork on your behalf, and submit the application to the relevant immigration office
  • After submission, we will continuously keep you updated of the progress of your application

Why you should choose ZANS Group

With years of experience in the field of immigration and business consultancy, ZANS Group promises to offer their clients with the best service at a very competitive rate.

To discover more about ZANS Group visit their website, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram pages.